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Ametrine Abstract Nugget Necklace and Earring Set #2

Ametrine Abstract Nugget Necklace and Earring Set #2

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Indulge in the unique allure of our one-of-a-kind Ametrine Nugget Necklace and Earring Set – a stunning embodiment of artistry and nature's beauty. This exquisite set features abstract-shaped ametrine nuggets, showcasing the captivating blend of amethyst's royal purple hues and citrine's warm golden tones, all within a single gemstone. The vermeil chain and gold-filled components elegantly complement the radiant gemstones, adding a touch of luxury to the ensemble.

Each nugget in this set is a distinct work of art, ensuring that your jewelry is as individual as you are. The abstract shapes of the ametrine nuggets add an avant-garde and modern touch to the set, creating a harmonious balance between nature-inspired elements and contemporary design.

Necklace measures 17 1/2". Necklace Ametrine gemstone measures 7/8" X 5/8". Pendant measures 1 3/4" from the top of the gold filled bail.

Each Ametrine gemstone is capped at the top & bottom with a gold filled floral bead cap. 

Earrings measure 1 3/4" from top of bend in the ear wire. Ametrine gemstones measure approximately 1/2" X 3/4".

All components gold filled. Necklace chain is Vermeil.

About Ametrine

Transparent, bicolored quartz with the colors of both amethyst and citrine in the same gem is called ametrine or amethyst-citrine. The contrasting colors give it an intriguing appearance.

There’s only one commercial source of natural ametrine: a deposit in eastern Bolivia, close to the Brazilian border. Legend has it that a Spanish conquistador discovered the location in the 1600s, but it was lost for more than three centuries. Ametrine began appearing on the market again during the 1970s. The mine, the Anahi, also produces natural amethyst and citrine.

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