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Clare in her Northern California studioThanks for stopping by!

Making jewelry started years ago with my love of creativity, color, texture and making jewelry that lasts a lifetime. This transitioned into a way for me to give birthday gifts to my friends that were unique and special to them.

Over the many years I’ve been designing and creating, I’ve learned so much about the components that go into my designs.  From quality materials, techniques, & gemstones, to educating my clients and helping them choose the right options for themselves or as gifts.

My style is delicate & classic, with a focus on creating pieces with accents & design elements that are timeless, using my love of color & design to make original color combinations and styles, that make each piece unique.

Clare Wire wrapping an Amethyst to a Pearl NecklaceI am always looking for ways to improve my techniques, find unique gemstones and exploring new designs, while also incorporating these ideas into everything I make with the end result being high quality, beautiful items that will last for you over time.

All my jewelry is made by me in my Northern California studio, with high quality gemstones and materials. 

I truly believe, jewelry makes you feel special, beautiful, more confident, and empowers you to do great things. Go do great things that make you happy!