Recommended Products

Recommended Products

Here are products that I have personally used that have helped me in my business in so many different ways.  These are for anyone purchasing jewelry as well as anyone with a jewelry business

Some of these links are referenced from my other blog posts, but I wanted to put them all in one place for easy access!

Jewelry Cleaning & Office/Label Supplies

I have given these out with my jewelry as a small thank you.

ONLY use this on sterling silver. No plated metals. If you're sterling jewelry has any kind of oxidation - intentionally, to darken backgrounds, etc. (like some Southwestern jewelry), DO NOT USE. This will remove that oxidation. DO NOT USE ON Pearls, softer gemstones (like Turquoise, opals, coral, etc).

I use this jewelry cleaner on all my jewelry.

These are my go to jewelry tags. The middle section is not sticky so they come off easily.

I just started using these for a boutique to explain the different gemstones & pearls to clients. I like them because they have a gold outline.

I love the rose color of these business card holders!

These are great as removeable pricing stickers! Easy to take off when you're giving something as a gift!

Great removeable stickers for the back of my jewelry cards. I use these to describe the gemstones, pearls & metal composition, then I can remove them to reuse the card if needed.

Just some handy tags for my notebooks so I can find things.

I love this label maker! I use this to label all my gems & Pearls, for pricing, etc. It has so many different fonts, sizes, cute little symbols!

If you have a label maker, you need refills!

Jewelry Storage & Packaging

These are so handy to keep my jewelry from tangling! I thread my clasps through and usually put the jewelry into a ziplock bag with the gourd pin hanging out the end. This helps keep them from tangling. See my Blog post about untangling chains.

Straws to use for keeping your necklace chains untangled. See my Blog post about untangling chains.

Silicon reusable straws to keep your necklaces from tangling. I like these because they're flexible too.  See my Blog post about untangling chains.

Hang your necklaces with or without the gourd pins to keep them front tangling. See my Blog post about untangling chains.

Great for all kinds of uses. I especially like the small ones to pair up matching gemstones & pearls for my designs. I also use these with the gourd pins to keep chains from tangling.

These are my new bags for Art Fairs, that I stamp with my logo!

Pink Tissue! This goes in my packaging when I ship orders. A little pink makes your day better :0)

This is what I use to store my extra jewelry. I picked these because they are clear plastic and the closure keeps everything air tight (or pretty darn close), for Sterling so it doesn't oxidize. They're an easy way to transport your jewelry to shows and pop back on the shelves when you get home.

Pretty pink organza gift bags I use at Art Fairs.

Pretty snowflake bags for the Holidays!

When I travel, I use this to bring samples to show potential boutique owners.

Love these bead organizing Trays! This is where I store ALL my gemstones & pearls. Best thing I think I've every found for this kind of storage!


Displays & Lighting

My new favorite displays. I love the white background. They also come in black.

White earring displays to show off those pretty dangling earrings!

Very versatile wooden displays.

Also very versatile. Mix/match. Great to give height to displays

Found these last summer! They have a magnet that is pretty strong and I put these at the top of my tent facing down to highlight my jewelry. Very bright, easy to use. I may have to get a different hook because it didn't fit around the tent pole.

I use this for lighting when photographing my jewelry.

And this one too!

I use these at shows to provide extra lighting at night.

Great to clip to side of tables and highlight specific jewelry displays

Ok, these are unusual but they help keep necklaces secure at different levels for displays. I like them because they are padded and won't scratch or bend my jewelry chains. Great as hair clips too!



Just received and used this last month! Can really only be used to drill holes in round gems & pearls, but very handy. I did have a hard time finding extra bits in the right size, so I'm still working on that.

For my stretchy bracelets.

I mostly use these to keep my earrings on the earring card, but I include them with every pair of french wires (open back), so you can use them to keep your earrings from falling out too. Push them all the way up behind your ear when wearing to hide them.

My go to when I need to put a dab of glue where its needed.

Bead Spinner! Fun little tool to quickly get those tiny beads on your string or stretchy cord. Takes a little time to get the hang of it, but then your off to the races!
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