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May Birthstone - Emerald

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Emerald and Diamond Necklace

Emerald gemstones are a variety of beryl, which is the same mineral grouping as aquamarine. Genuine emeralds may include inclusions--referred to as "jardin," a French word that means garden--which can cloud the stone. These inclusions are not considered flaws and indicate an emerald is genuine, not created in a lab.⁠

It is common to coat emeralds with oil to diminish the appearance of surface inclusions and deepen the green color. Emeralds range in color from light to dark green. The shade of green is determined by the presence of chromium oxide and vanadium. As well, the step cut (or emerald cut) is used to maximize the stone.⁠

Colombia has been the source of the finest emeralds for more than 500 years, and Colombian emeralds are the standard by which all others are measured. ⁠

Emerald, being a stone of love and romance, will bring joy, enhance emotions, memory, faith and clairvoyance. It is said to benefit one’s intuition, promoting communication though truthfulness.⁠

Care & Cleaning

  • To minimize scratching and wear, store each piece of jewelry separately in a soft cloth or padded container.
  • The best way to clean emerald jewelry is with warm soapy water or a warm soapy cloth.  
  • Do not SOAK emeralds in soapy water and avoid harsh detergents that might dilute or remove oils from the stone.  Never soak emeralds in solvents such as alcohol, acetone, or paint thinner.

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